Elementary Specialized Schools

Sioux Falls Public Schools is proud to offer specialized elementary schools, including All-City Elementary which requires a parent/guardian volunteer commitment, Challenge Center for students in grades 2-5 who meet testing requirements, Eugene Field A+ School featuring Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligence, Spanish Immersion at Sonia Sotomayor, and Two-Way Immersion Program at both Rosa Parks and Hayward Elementary. Students consistently score above state and national averages on standardized exams with many students recognized as National Merit Scholars, Advanced Placement Scholars, and recipients of the Opportunity Scholarship from the state of South Dakota.

Together, the community and the Sioux Falls School District are making a concerted effort to create a culture that respects individuality and differences among people.

All-City Elementary (ACE)

ACE maximizes the potential for learning through a combination of academic strategies and involvement. By choosing ACE, you are joining a community of parents who see how the investment of time in education can impact their children's future.


Eugene Field A+

Our dedicated team Implements arts, multiple intelligences, a family atmosphere, and additional specials classes into each week. This leads to confidence, and an understanding of others that reach beyond the hallways of our school.

Eugene Field

One-Way Spanish Immersion & Two-Way Spanish Immersion

The specialized language immersion programs allow students to become bilingual and bi-literate in Spanish. Through exposure to and practice with the language, students gain understanding and develop language proficiency.

Sonia Sotomayor

The Challenge Center

Located at Robert Frost Elementary, this unique school was developed to meet the needs of high-ability students grades 2nd-5th. Advanced curriculum keeps students engaged, while preparing them for the options of the Middle School Honors Program.

The Challenge Center