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Help keep your child safe by reviewing our School Bus SMART rules at home. These rules are posted at schools, on buses, in school newsletters, and are available in videos your child will see. But if they also hear them from you, they’ll be more likely to remember them.

School Bus SMART

Stay in your seat while the bus is moving
For your safety and the safety of everyone around you.

Manage yourself and your space on the bus
Keep items in your bag and pick them up after yourself.

Act like you are in the classroom
The exact same rules, expectations, and consequences apply on the bus.

Remain inside the bus at all times
This means hands, feet, heads, and any possessions – to keep everyone safe.

Treat other people and property with respect
Your driver is working hard to get you to and from school safely, other students deserve to be treated the same way you want to be treated, the bus belongs to all students, and you share a bus stop with a neighborhood. Act like it.

If your students have questions about bus safety, encourage them to ask their driver, teachers, counselors or principals. If your student encounters bullying on a bus, in any way, they should tell an adult at school and an adult at home.

About School Bus Inc. and Our Drivers

Continuing Training and Education:
School Bus Inc. (SBI) has implemented monthly mandatory training. These topics range from annual in-service training, first aid, spill prevention, to emergency procedures, student management, and defensive driving.

SBI has built a program that allows us to train individuals to attain their CDL. This is a new requirement as of February 2022 under FMCSA rules and regulations.We use a combination of technology and behind the wheel training to assist our new associates in obtaining their certification.

Professional Associations:

School Bus, Inc. is a member of the South Dakota School Transportation Association (SDSTA). Minnesota School Bus Operators Association (MSBOA), Minnesota Coach Bus Operators Association (MCBOA), United Motor Coach Association (UMA), American Bus Association (ABA), National School Transportation Association (NSTA), National Association for Pupil Transportation (NAPT), United States Chamber of Commerce, National Federation of Independent Businesses, Better Business Bureau, Sioux Falls Chamber of Commerce, Forward Sioux Falls, Sioux Falls Development Foundation and Sioux Falls Construction Committee.

Why are School Buses Safe?
Safety features including the color and size of school buses, height, reinforced sides, flashing red lights, cross-view mirrors, and crossing and stop sign arms ensure children are protected and secure on and off the bus. The compartmentalization of the area where students also protect their safety.