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High School Curriculum


The purpose is to guide students to courses that will help them determine career options.

Kristin Grinager

Kristin Grinager

Coordinator of High School Curriculum

✆ (605) 367-7947

The High School Curriculum provides a comprehensive and appropriate instructional program designed to meet the state standards, academic and social needs of high school learners in the Sioux Falls School District. Students have the opportunity to experience a wide variety of course offerings and co-curricular activities. In addition to the core curriculum, various specialized programs are offered to meet the unique needs of individual learners. Researched based models in the areas of smaller learning communities, 9th-grade transition teams, and online/virtual coursework are present, along with ongoing development in high school programs to provide multiple pathways for students. The Sioux Falls School District follows the South Dakota Pathways for Graduation, allowing students and families to select courses that align with their chosen pathway of study.

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Patti Ward-Maguire

Dr. Patti Ward-Maguire

Coordinator Secondary Special Education

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