Operational Services

The Sioux Falls School District owns and operates 36 sites, including Southeast Technical College. The District operates 40 facilities, which include 3,294,551 square feet of floor area and 497.5 acres of land.

Operational Services provide centralized custodial and maintenance services to all district facilities. Responsibilities include training, supervising, and coordinating the activities of all custodial/maintenance staff, providing utility and other facility operations, and maintenance repair services. Operational Services coordinates, schedules, and monitors all District construction and remodeling projects.

The central administrative and office staff includes the Director of Operational Services, two clerical staff, a construction supervisor, a draftsperson, a plant maintenance supervisor, and two custodial supervisors.

The central custodial/maintenance staff includes 21 mechanics and carpenters who provide preventive and corrective maintenance services on equipment, fixtures, buildings, and sites of all District facilities including Southeast Technical College. These staff members also perform minor remodeling projects, respond to emergency repair situations, maintain landscaping and remove snow and ice accumulations from playgrounds and parking lots.

Operational Services funds the four warehouse/delivery personnel for the Purchasing Department. These staff members provide the District with warehouse delivery and inter-facility mail service.

Jeff Kreiter

Jeff Kreiter

Operational Services Director

(605) 367-7965

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