Library Services

The primary goal of the Sioux Falls School District library program is to promote a love of learning through the joy of reading.  Librarians carefully select and curate high quality materials to encourage students to learn and explore, planning and leading programs and activities to help students develop their interests and skills. 

The Sioux Falls School District libraries are managed by certified teachers who have completed the requirements necessary to earn the School Library Media endorsement from the South Dakota Department of Education.  Certification requirements ensure that librarians are proficient in selecting print and non-print materials to support instruction and emerging technology; integrating multiple sources of information into the learning process; cataloging and managing information resources; and supervising, evaluating, and managing human and media resources.  Many of our librarians hold a master’s in library and information science degree.

Our library catalog provides information about the resources held in our library collections.  In addition to basic bibliographic information (title, author, publisher, etc.) the library catalog provides citations for professional reviews of the materials through the "More Info" link.

Library Catalogs

In addition to our physical collections, we purchase eBooks and audiobooks and make them available through the SORA app.  While there is only one gateway to SORA for all students, the ability to download the full content of books is controlled to ensure that students are reading age-appropriate resources.

Parental Request for Restricting Library Materials

With their specialized expertise in children’s and young adult literature in print and electronic formats, your school librarian is your ally in guiding your students to engaging, relevant, and appropriate materials.  Materials in the school library are selected to provide windows, mirrors and doors to the diverse backgrounds and points of view represented in our pluralistic society.  The materials are available for voluntary use and students choose what they will check out. As your child’s first teacher, you establish values to guide your student’s choices.  Partnering with you, our library staff will make every effort to steer your child to books that align with your values.  Please contact your school librarian to discuss your wishes.  Our librarians are always happy to help and answer any questions you may have. 

To contact your librarian, call the school office and ask to speak to the librarian.  You may wish to use the "Restrict Access to Library Books" form as a starting point for your conversation.