School-Home Communication

The Sioux Falls School District is committed to the clear and timely sharing of information with parents and the community. That's why we use the following tools to regularly keep in touch:

District Messaging System

The Sioux Falls School District uses a messaging service to improve school-to-home communications regarding school events, emergency situations, and important issues impacting your child. This system does not replace the day-to-day communications you typically receive from your child's school, nor is it intended to bombard you with unnecessary information.

Each year, when registering your child for school, you will be asked to update your contact information. Your school will use the phone numbers and email addresses you provide us with to contact you with this messaging system. You will have the option of choosing the most efficient way to reach you in emergency situations, as well as whether you prefer to get information via text message or email. Some important information:

  1. When a call comes from your child's school or the district level, your caller ID will display  1-888-457-2130 - NOT your school's phone number.

  2. When listening to a message, please be aware that excess background noise may affect delivery by causing the system to stop and start. If possible, move to a quiet area, or press the "mute" button on your phone. Please give the system a few moments to begin delivering the message. The system automatically waits for a pause after the recipient says “hello.”

  3. If you miss any part of a message, please stay on the line and press the "1" (number one) key on your phone to hear the entire message again.

Sioux Falls School District App

One way to keep messages from school organized together, and not in your email inbox, is to install the free Sioux Falls School District app for your smartphone or tablet. Not only will you get the latest news and information from your school, but you can also watch videos, see the latest School District news, check your school lunch balance, see maps and directory information, check grades and assignments, see job openings and directly contact administrators. Search your phone or tablet's app store for "Sioux Falls School District" and download it today!

Social Media

The Sioux Falls School District is committed to meeting busy parents where they are at.

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School Newsletters

In keeping with the times, our school newsletters have gone online, saving paper, printing costs, and mailing costs while allowing parents to read the news sooner. Check your inbox for these monthly updates that will keep you apprised of everything happening in your child's school.


Did you know the Sioux Falls School District has it's own cable channel? If you have Midcontinent service, check out channels 20 and 595 to see concerts, plays, sporting events, news programs, educational programming for kids, community calendars, and information about the latest programs and initiatives in the Sioux Falls School District. Yes, our School Board meetings are broadcast live and replayed here, but there is much more to see: graduation ceremonies, student-created videos, student health programs, and much more.


If you're already here, you know the Sioux Falls School District's website. The site contains a wealth of information - everything from School Board policies to school-year calendars and individual school websites. Anytime you want to make sure that school is closed due to the weather or that a particular day is truly a day off from school, this is a great place to look. All the latest news about the Sioux Falls School District can be found in District News or Excellence in Education.

Infinite Campus

Hearing from the Sioux Falls School District or your school is one thing, but when you want to communicate directly to your child's teacher, where do you go? From here you can see grades, assignments, schedules, attendance, and discipline information, as well as direct email your child's teachers. This service is like having a daily report card at your fingertips.

Local News

Being the largest school district in the state and sharing the community with the main news outlets in South Dakota, our schools, teachers, students, and administrators are constantly in the news. In addition to the many press releases and story ideas we pitch to the media throughout any given week, we also receive dozens of media requests on everything from new programs to school lunches and from our reaction to national education stories to how we compare to another district in the state on a particular issue. You won't have to watch too much TV or read much of the newspaper without finding a story about a Sioux Falls school!