Behavior Programs

The Comprehensive Behavior Program is a joint effort of students in general education and identified for special education. The programs provide services to individuals who require intervention to assist them in succeeding in the school setting. Organized by tiers of intensity and restrictiveness, four tiers address student pro-social and self-control development.

Tier One programs include school building initiatives across the District to help students through supports such as mentors, social skills groups, learning centers, step-down rooms, and/or individualized behavior intervention plans. Consultation from staff trained in interventions for behavior are available to buildings.

Tier Two programs are school building level programs at middle and high schools. They provide services to students based on their individual needs, with opportunities for individualized curriculum, behavior management, and pro-social skill development and case management.

Tier Three programs include out-of-building programs designed to provide a highly structured and therapeutic setting for students to work on pro-social, behavioral and academic goals.

Tier Four programming includes a long-term maintenance program for youth unable to return to the regular classroom setting after being involved in previous tiers of intervention.