High School Specialized Programs

Advanced Placement (AP) Courses

The Accelerated and Advanced Placement programs provide a rigorous curriculum for students who select a more challenging course of study. Accelerated courses are designed to lay the foundations for AP courses. AP is a cooperative educational program between secondary schools and colleges/universities. AP courses use college curricula to prepare students for the AP exams. These exams are offered annually in May for a fee. Please see the High School AP Coordinator for more information. A student who earns a score of 3 or better on an AP exam will generally receive credit for the equivalent course at one of the 2,000 colleges and universities that give credit for AP exams. The Sioux Falls School District expects students to take the AP exam as part of the AP course.

Students can additionally benefit from taking AP courses by learning a subject in greater depth, developing skills that are critical to successful study in college, demonstrating to colleges their willingness to undertake a challenging course.

These AP courses are offered at the three traditional District High Schools. The District encourages all high school students to consider taking one AP course during their high school program.

Spanish Immersion

Spanish Immersion

The mission of the Sioux Falls School District Spanish Immersion Program is to successfully educate each student while developing biliteracy and fostering global competency in an ever-changing world.

The High School Spanish Immersion program is the culmination of the Spanish Immersion program that begins in elementary at Sonia Sotomayor and progresses to Edison Middle School. Located at Lincoln High School, the high school Spanish Immersion program continues the process of ensuring that students are bi-literate in Spanish and English. Students take at least one Spanish Immersion course each year. Students may attend a different Sioux Falls high school and travel to Lincoln High School for Spanish Immersion courses as their schedule allows.

Kirk Zeeck

Dr. Kirk Zeeck

Director of Federal Programs and Language Immersion

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Sara Klaahsen

Sara Klaahsen

Coordinator of Language Immersion & Professional Development

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Career & Technical Education

Career & Technical Education (CTE) Academy helps students identify their skills and interests, while also providing direction towards possible career choices within the CTE career cluster options. Through courses, students will engage in hands-on learning activities in the areas of media arts, biomedical science, health careers, information technology, engineering, carpentry, culinary arts, automotive technology, cabinetry, human services, welding, auto body technology, aviation, and the Academy of Finance.

Junior Reserve Officer’s Training Corp Program


The JROTC program is located at Lincoln High School for the Marines and Washington High School for the Army.