Generate Pairing Codes

Why do I need a Pairing Code?

For Observers (Parents/Guardians) to connect with their student's account, the student must generate a Pairing Code. The student can generate a Pairing Code from their Canvas account. A separate Pairing Code is required for each Observer who wants to link to that account.

An Observer may be a parent, guardian, mentor, counselor, or another individual who needs to view a student's Canvas courses. Codes are for one Observer only. If a second Observer wants access, a second Pairing Code must be generated by the student.

Linked Observers can view and participate in certain elements of a student's Canvas courses.


Parents/Guardians Get Started

Getting Started

Pairing Codes are used to add Observers to a Canvas account. Students can generate a Pairing Code to provide Parents/Guardians access to view course assignments, events, and grades.

1. Login to Canvas using the "Student Login" button.


Student Login

2. In the "Global Navigation" menu, click the "Account" icon. Then, select the "Settings" link.


3. Click the "Pair with Observer" button.

Pair with Observer

4. Copy the six-digit alphanumeric Pairing Code. The student will need to share the code with the parent/guardian who will link to the account.

  • The Pairing Code will expire after its first use or seven days.

  • Additional Pairing Codes can be generated after original codes have been used or have expired.

  • Pairing Codes are case sensitive.

5. Click "OK" to close the window.

If you already have a Pairing Code, skip ahead to "Step 2 - Getting Connected."

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