Spanish Immersion

The vision of the Spanish Immersion Program is to prepare students with the knowledge, skills, and global perspective necessary to impact tomorrow’s interconnected world. The program is grounded in rigorous academic standards that are infused with the rich diversity of Spanish and English languages and cultures. The Spanish Immersion course offerings at Lincoln High School are listed on this page.

Spanish Immersion Speech

This course will be conducted entirely in Spanish. Research and utilize electronic and non-electronic library information; demonstrate organizational skills in writing speeches, outlines, and note cards; exhibit an appreciation for other student ideas and opinions; demonstrate poise, self-confidence, and skills in public speaking in a one-on-one setting, a small group setting, and multiple large group settings.


Spanish Immersion Global Issues

Global Issues provides students with an opportunity to encounter international issues with undefined problems. Students will create new information to extend their learning. Students will gain an appreciation of learning in teams as they set their course on coming to a rational conclusion using problem-based and technology-based learning. Students will fully understand that they are truly global citizens and that responsibility lies at the core of good citizenship.


Spanish Immersion World Geography 1

Locate places in the world using a map and/or globe; analyze and interpret data presented on maps, charts, graphs, tables, and atlases; use critical thinking skills in applying physical geography concepts to describe how people live in various regions; develop the understanding and appreciation of diverse cultures and people that inhabit the earth; enrich the comprehension of geography through the use of technology.


Spanish Immersion Language, Literature & Culture

This course explores the culture, language, history, and literature of Spanish-speaking countries through the study of novels, short stories, theater, poetry, and current events. A review of grammar with specific emphasis on areas typically problematic for native speakers is included. Through reading and viewing classic and modern texts and media, special attention is paid to oral and written language development across a number of Spanish language registers. This course focuses on the principles of writing and the development of basic composition skills. Writing assignments will also focus on the expansion of vocabulary and syntax and learning techniques for revision.


Spanish Immersion AP Spanish Language & Culture

Students will increase their skill in listening comprehension in order to understand formal and informal spoken Spanish; demonstrate proficiency in reading Spanish narratives and literary texts with good overall comprehension; write in-depth and detailed compositions and essays that show control of syntax and vocabulary and a variety of sentence structures; speak Spanish with a high level of fluency and accuracy that does not impede communication; demonstrate an awareness of the Spanish-speaking world and cultural similarities and differences.


Spanish Immersion People & Cultures Capstone

The purpose of this course is to give graduating Spanish Immersion students an opportunity to use their language skills and cultural understanding in a real-world setting. The aim is for students to research and reflect upon experience to demonstrate cultural and language growth beyond the classroom. This course is student-directed, allowing students to participate in experiential learning. Students will learn about local and global communities and have the opportunity to use their time and talents in various volunteer/service experiences.