Elementary Oceti Sakowin Owauspe

Currently, the OSO program at the elementary level is devoted to developing culturally relevant curriculum and materials that will be integrated across the K-5 elementary curriculum. Professional Development sessions to support teachers of Native American students are available in each elementary school.

Middle and High School Oceti Sakowin Owauspe Classes

Research states that students who are connected to their schools tend to be more engaged, and as a result, will be more likely to graduate from high school. The bulk of our services are designed to connect Native American students to their schools by offering services at each of the middle and high schools. Teachers provide culturally relevant academic instruction and case management to address difficult issues some students may be experiencing.


Lakota/Dakota Language Classes

Lakota/Dakota I and II, are offered at Washington, Lincoln, Roosevelt, and Jefferson High Schools. The credits meet the language graduation requirement for those students who are on the College Preparation track.

Home School Liaison

Cultural presentations are arranged throughout the district to promote and increase students’ knowledge of Native American Culture.

Assistance for Academic Costs

Limited assistance is available for children 17 and younger for summer school tuition, GED testing fees, and high school and middle school bus passes for those who qualify.

Cultural Presentations

Home visits are made by our staff liaisons to improve school attendance and address any academic or health concerns

Referral Resource

Referrals can be made to district and community agencies and service providers, who can best meet the individual needs of students and families.