COVID-19 Resource Center

The Sioux Falls School District holds student and staff safety as its highest priority. Our schools have always displayed care and concern remarkably well, but especially so since March 2020 when the global COVID-19 pandemic impacted nearly every aspect of life. Since that time, we have created, revised, adapted, and closely followed plans that have kept our schools open and operating; allowing students to learn while their parents continued to meet community needs through their work. Information contained in this plan is current and overall reflects the best-practices and expectations of our community, region, state, and nation. If necessary, this plan will be revised in consultation with local medical partners if/when our community experiences changing COVID-19 conditions.

Highlights of 2022-2023 Plan

*See full plan for more details


Enhanced air filtration and cleaning of frequently touched surfaces.


Opportunities for hand-washing and hand sanitizer.

COVID-19 Screenings

At home daily.

COVID-19 Vaccinations

SFSD does not require proof of vaccination. Contact health care provider with questions regarding the vaccine.

Face Coverings

Available upon request. Please see page 5 of the C2L Plan for specifics.

Symptomatic Students & Staff

Exclude while symptomatic, recommend testing, isolation spaces, and PPE for staff when working with sick student.