Customers Buying Dog Treats

Just when you think the world may have “gone to the dogs,” students at the Community Campus are saving the day thanks to their “pet project.”  Students at Community Campus are 18 through 21 years old who are working toward independent living and career experiences.  Recently, they began their own doggie treat company named C.C. Falls Barkery.  Their logo depicts The Falls of the Big Sioux River with a dog bone holding the business name, while the motto arcs over the bright yellow sun, saying “Paw-somely delicious: Unleashing Abilities, One Treat at a Time! 

Students who have completed the academic requirements of high school, but need specifically designed instruction and transition support due to their disability participate in the program.  Students contribute by measuring ingredients and rolling out the dough so it can be cut into individual treats. Once created, the biscuits are baked and ready for bagging.  A few weeks ago, students brought their product to the Instructional Planning Center to make the treats available for sale.  Pet owners lined up to purchase the fresh-baked treats. Students worked on their customer service skills while interacting with the dog owners and sharing their common love for their pets.  Both student business owners and their customers report that the sale went over pretty “dog-gone” well!