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Substitute Teacher

We live and work in a community that consistently displays compassion, love, and most of all, family. Here is your opportunity to get involved! Our schools require many substitute staff each and every day. If you are a college student with some time to spare in your schedule or are a professional looking to make a larger impact, this is your chance to make a difference. Our students deserve the best, they deserve YOU!

 To become a substitute staff begin by filling out and submitting an application.

Apply Today!

Earn up to $175 per day!

  • Substitute staff earn $160 per day.

  • Substitute staff earn $175 per day at Anne Sullivan, Cleveland, Garfield, Hawthorne, Hayward, Laura B. Anderson, Lowell, Terry Redlin, and $180 per day at Horace Mann - Bridges

  • On a long-term assignment (25+ days in the same teacher vacancy), substitute staff earn $190 per day!

Classroom Support Roles

Substitute Education Assistants work between 4 and 7 hours per day, depending on the assignment. They earn $17.27 per hour.

(Weekly pay is not available for these positions.)

Get Paid Weekly!

Our substitute staff have the option to get paid monthly or get paid weekly.

Create Your Own Schedule!

Our process is simple, flexible, and allow you to work when you can. The Sioux Falls School District SmartFindExpress System provides internet access to the Substitute Employee Management System (SEMS)

Substitute Staff Updates!


Contact Rhonda Iddings, Substitute Staff Coordinator.

Rhonda Iddings

Rhonda Iddings

6:00 am - 2:30 pm

✆ (605) 367-7660