This Week We Celebrate 9 High School Educators Who Were Recently Awarded Public School Proud Grants!

This week we celebrate 9 high school educators who recently received Public School Proud Grants from the Sioux Falls Public Schools Education Foundation! Congratulations to Arlene Smith, Jared Hulstine, Emily Leitheiser, Cassie Blair, and Kevin Kurtz at Jefferson High School and Nicole Fette, Michelle Clayberg, Shaina Harris, and Chris Updegraff at Roosevelt High School. Click on the photos to read more about their grants!

To read more about their grants and see a list of all PSP winners, visit our Smore page here! --->

Arlene Smith at Jefferson 

Jared Hulstine at Jefferson 

Emily Leitheiser & Cassie Blair at Jefferson 

Kevin Kurtz at Jefferson 

Nicole Fette & Michelle Clayberg at Roosevelt 

Shaina Harris at Roosevelt 

Chris Updegraff at Roosevelt