Week of Work Day 3 Image of Students Talking with Career Fair Vendor

Day 3 of the #SDWeekofWork is here! While we’ve highlighted many of the unique course offerings at the CTE Academy taught by industry experts, another part of the CTE experience is preparing and exposing students to career fairs. Students taking classes at the CTE Academy, regardless of grade level, are given the opportunity to attend a career fair offered right at the CTE Academy.  

This year, in addition to being offered to all CTE students, the experience was also extended to students at Joe Foss and Jefferson High School, as well as students part of the RHS JAG (Jobs for America’s Graduates - more on that program coming tomorrow!) pilot program. There were just over 50 businesses represented and 15 unique colleges. Staff prepared students for the experience by modeling appropriate career fair behavior, helping students prepare questions for vendors, and reviewing the list of attendees for students to make a plan of who they would like to talk with. The businesses that were in attendance were given table cards to represent ways students could engage with their business (job shadow, internship, employment, apprenticeship) which helped students identify which businesses may offer an experience a student is looking for.