Munch Madness at RHS explaining bracket breakdown for fundraiser

Roosevelt's Student Council was looking for all sorts of ways to help the men, women, and children of Ukraine during this time. What did they come up with? MUNCH MADNESS! It's our tasty spin on March Madness, with teachers "facing off" in a challenge to raise money for World Central Kitchen.  The lucky sweet 16 teachers have a jar with their name on it, and the jars with the most cash collected at the end of each day this week will advance to the next rounds. The winner by the end of the week will receive a delicious pie to the face! All proceeds will be donated to WCK to help with the efforts of feeding Ukraine. Roosevelt Staff are being excellent sports, and Roosevelt students are continuously looking for ways to give back. It's a great week to be a Rider! 

#WeAreRoosevelt #WeAreOne