Media Arts Student

The Sioux Falls School District’s Career and Technical Education Academy (CTE) offers students courses that provide relevant, project-based, career-oriented learning that aligns with each individual student’s future career plans. Whether a student is interested in carpentry, culinary, aviation, media arts, biomed, and more, CTE’s got a class for that! In the field of media arts, there is a broadcasting class offered to students, instructed by one of SFSD’s finest, Nathan Hoffman. In this class, Hoffman gives students hands-on, real-life broadcasting experiences. One of the activities students partake in almost weekly is recording a short newscast called District News Minute. In this short news segment, viewers are updated on the latest news and information happening in the District. This activity teaches students everything from how to operate a camera, run the camera/audio board, run the teleprompter, produce a newscast, to on-camera anchoring.

Visit our YouTube channel here to see the weekly segment!