All Star Award

For 150 years, SFSD has provided a high-quality public education to hundreds of thousands of students. Student success is heavily dependent upon the adults who guide learning, develop expectations and personally display a positive attitude and caring spirit. We believe that if staff feel appreciated and that their work is valued in the greater community, they will aspire to give even more of themselves to the profession and the students they are so passionate about! For this reason, at the start of the 2021-2022 school year, we launched a new staff recognition program called the 'All Star Award.' This award celebrates staff members who embrace the mission/vision of SFSD with excellence and professionalism, and who leaves their mark without fanfare. Staff members who are nominated and selected for this award receive a surprise delivered to their workplace and are then entered into a drawing for a one-month car-wash membership thanks to our friends at Silverstar Car Wash. Since the start of the program in September, we have awarded a total of 11 All Star awards. We are excited to feature those winners over the next week! Stay tuned and meet our SFSD 'All Stars!' ⭐

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