At least by age sixteen (16), Individualized Education Program (IEP) teams, in cooperation with local adult services agencies, begin planning for transition to adulthood.

IEP teams work collaboratively with students and families to design employment/vocational and independent living instruction to meet individual student needs.

Students with significant disabilities have numerous options available for transition.  These include individualized programming at the high school, Community Campus (extending the high school experience beyond four years), shared day placements between the Sioux Falls School District and adult services agencies, and day placements with adult services providers. IEP teams provide guidance and assistance to students and families in developing a transition plan.

Community Campus

Community Campus provides programming for students, ages 18-21, who have completed their 22 required graduation credits at a high school and meet the Campus entrance criteria. Students participate in community-based independent living and vocational training as well as continuing functional academic skill instruction. Located at the Western Mall, Community Campus is easily accessible to students by city bus and Paratransit. Staff assist students and families with transitioning to adult services as they age-out of the program.