Twenty-two credits are required for graduation. 

Axtell Park Building, an alternative school for middle and high school students, focuses on formal education and career skills in a more individualized setting.

Project Based Learning is a project-based learning academy located on the campus of Jefferson High School.

The Career and Technical Education Academy is home to various advanced high school programs, including media production, culinary arts, housing construction, advanced auto body, biotech, and pre-engineering courses.

Achieving our mission, to educate and prepare each student to succeed in a changing world, hinges on our ability to continually improve the effectiveness of our schools.

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Data Profiles

One source of data for identifying a school's present status, assessing overall student progress, and planning for continual school improvement is the data profile. Data profile pages include attendance and enrollment information; student demographics; staffing levels; special program enrollments; District survey results; District, state, and national test result comparisons. 
Each school’s data profile is accessed via the school link. District Summaries for each level are included in the related documents.

School Improvement Plans

Comprehensive School Improvement Plans provide quality professional development activities that promote research-based strategies to accelerate student learning. Professional development and parent involvement activities are designed and aligned with state standards, district goals/benchmarks, and specific student needs.
Individual School Improvement Plans are accessed via each school’s link. The District Improvement Plan is included in the related documents for each level.

Sioux Falls has three traditional high schools:

Jefferson High School
Lincoln High School
Roosevelt High School
Washington High School