Sioux Falls has twenty-three (23) Elementary Schools, serving grades K-5. Elementary instruction emphasizes the mastery of basic skills along with respect for one's self and others.

We have five (5) Middle Schools, serving grades 6-8. Middle schools are designed to meet the academic, social, and emotional needs of early adolescents. The middle school format fosters a sense of community and cooperation while allowing plenty of opportunity for exploration - both in the academic setting and through co-curricular activities.

Sioux Falls has three (3) traditional High Schools, an alternative high school, a project based learning high school New Technology High, and a Career and Technical Education Academy. The Career and Technical Education Academy (CTE Academy) is operated by the Sioux Falls School District and allows students from Sioux Falls and surrounding school districts in 9th through 12th grades advanced training in a variety of programs. Achieving our mission, to educate and prepare each student to succeed in a changing world, hinges on our ability to continually improve the effectiveness of our schools. New Technology High School is a project-based school that teaches exploration and inquiry while students engage in smaller learning communities to master all South Dakota graduation requirements.

High school students can also take advantage of specialized learning opportunities, including the Advanced Placement program in a variety of areas. The Academy of Finance prepares students to enter the world of business and finance.

Specialized services include early childhood development (infants to age five), community education classes, and Southeast Technical College. More than 24,000 Pre-K through high school students are enrolled for the 2016-17 school year. The Sioux Falls School District recognizes the needs for and benefits of implementing alternative school models to provide families and students with choice. Specialized schools are created around a specific subject area(s). All specialized schools continue to teach the core basic standards through lessons with a specific academic focus. Examples of this type of specialized school within the Sioux Falls School District include: All-City Elementary, which involves parents/guardians in the education process; Eugene Field A+ Elementary, which integrates the fine arts in all instruction; Challenge Center at Robert Frost Elementary, which provides an accelerated learning environment for students; and the Spanish Immersion program at Sonia Sotomayor Spanish Immersion Elementary.

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