Two-Way Immersion

The goal of Spanish Two-Way Immersion is full bilingualism and biliteracy in both Spanish and English for English and Spanish-speaking children. Two-Way Immersion is a distinctive form of immersion education in which balanced numbers of native English and Spanish speakers learn together to read, write, speak and listen in both languages. All academic content is delivered equally across the two languages to students throughout the school day. Students work at the exact same academic level as traditional classroom students. They learn the same content to the same high expectations. In middle school, Two-Way Immersion students can continue with bilingual instruction, combining with students from the Sonia Sotomayor Elementary Spanish Immersion students.

Spanish Immersion

The specialized language immersion program allows English-proficient students to become bilingual and bi-literate in Spanish. Students attending the immersion program receive all classroom instruction in Spanish beginning in kindergarten. Through exposure to and practice with the language, students gain understanding and develop language proficiency. English language arts are introduced beginning in 3rd - 5th grade. Parents of this program agree to read to their child in English for a minimum of 20 minutes a day. Students whose first language is not English must demonstrate proficiency in English prior to enrollment at Sonia Sotomayor.>/p>

The application process occurs the year before students enter kindergarten.

The Challenge Center

The Challenge Center, located at Robert Frost Elementary, is a program for highly gifted 2nd-5th grade students.

This is a unique school within the Sioux Falls School District that was developed to meet the needs of high ability students from across the district by providing an accelerated and enriched curriculum in an inclusive, full day program. Modified, advanced curriculum keeps students engaged, while they develop a growth mindset and get prepared for the options of the Middle School Honors Program and advanced classes there.

Our mission is to challenge the high ability students we serve to become well-rounded independent learners. We have established a flexible curriculum based on state standards, best research-based practice, gifted education standards of the National Association of Gifted Children, and student interests.

All-City Elementary (ACE)

All-City Elementary (K-5) can provide an enriching learning experience for your child - both inside and outside the classroom. Parents play an active role in everyday classroom activities. ACE maximizes the potential for learning through a combination of academic strategies and involvement. We work hard to achieve the ACE mission, which is to work together - to maximize individual potential - to make the world a better place. If you choose ACE, not only will your child or children benefit, you will too! By choosing ACE, you are joining a community of parents who actually see how the investment of time in education can impact their children's future. Read more about the list of ACE benefits.

Eugene Field A+

Here, arts are integrated into the classroom, drama, and dance are extra classes students can take. Classroom teachers and arts teachers collaborate to ensure that the curriculum is taught through the arts and the arts are taught through the curriculum. Using Dr. Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligence approach, students learn how they are smart in many different ways. This leads to confidence, self-awareness, and understanding of others that reach well beyond the hallways of our elementary school. The benefits of this kind of education are boundless.

Additional Elementary Specialized Schools

Rosa Parks Global Studies develops a greater knowledge of other countries and continents through classroom lessons and service-learning projects that increase their sense of responsibility and care for others both here and around the world. Each grade, Kindergarten through Fifth, studies a specific continent or country.