The office of Indian Education oversees the Sioux Falls School District’s Title VI and Johnson O’Malley (JOM) programs. These Indian Education programs are federally funded programs, designed to meet the educational and culturally related needs of American Indian Students. They are coordinated through a parent advisory committee composed of parents or guardians of Native American Students. They advise the project supervisors and the school district in the direction and implementation of the Indian Education programs.

Eligibility Guidelines

In order to qualify for services, students must be enrolled in the Sioux Falls School District and have a completed 506 (Title VI) Form on file with the SFSD Office of Indian Education.

Title VI

Students must be enrolled, or have a parent, or grandparent enrolled in a federally recognized tribe, band, or other organized groups. Students must have a signed Title VI Eligibility Certification Form on file with the Office of Indian Education.

Johnson O’Malley (JOM)

Students must be enrolled members of a federally recognized tribe, band, or other organized groups. A copy of their blood degree must be filed with the Office of Indian Education.

Funding for both JOM and Title VI are dependent on the number of students enrolled in these programs. Funding varies annually.

“Our mission is to empower students by connecting them to their school, their histories, and their culture; to increase success for each student through a rigorous curriculum, grounded in reliable resources, which are both respectful and relevant.”