Important dates for the Annual School District Election:

Adopt Resolution/Set Election Date November 25, 2019
Publish 1st Notice of Board Vacancy January 16, 2020
Publish 2nd Notice of Board Vacancy January 23, 2020
Nominating Petitions may be circulated/filed January 31, 2020
Last Date to File Petitions or Withdraw February 28, 2020
Deadline to File Candidate Financial Interest Statement 15 days after filing petition
Publish 1st Notice of Voter Registration Deadline March 12, 2020
Publish 2nd Notice of Voter Registration Deadline March 19, 2020
Voter Registration Deadline March 30, 2020
Ballots Available for Absentee Voting March 30, 2020
Pre-Election Campaign Finance Report Due March 30, 2020 Postponed (exact date TBD)
Publish 1st Notice of Election April 2, 2020 Postponed (exact date TBD)
Publish 2nd Notice of Election with Map & Ballot April 9, 2020 Postponed (exact date TBD)
Election Day April 14, 2020 Postponed (exact date TBD)
Canvass Election Results* April 27, 2020 Postponed (exact date TBD)
Campaign Finance Report (Post-Election) Due May 29, 2020 Postponed (exact date TBD)
Elected Person to Take Office July 13, 2020 
Elected Person to File Elected Official Financial Interest Statement July 28, 2020 
*Date Subject to Change