Policies and Regulations NEPN Code: LD

Education Agency Relations
On-Campus Recruitment by Colleges, Universities, and the Military

It is recognized that post secondary admissions counselors, college and university recruiters, and representatives of the military are interested in meeting with professional staff and/or students in the Sioux Falls School District. Although these contacts may be beneficial to all parties involved, it is recognized that the District’s primary obligation is to the student in terms of his/her present and future endeavors. In order to assist the administration, counselors, and teachers in dealing equitably with all concerned parties, the following procedures shall be in effect:

  1. Outside representatives must contact school staff prior to their visit to determine the best time and day for their visit. In the event a representative has not given prior notification of his/her visit, the administration and staff members shall not allow the representative to contact students.
  2. A space will be provided for use by the representative, and a general announcement of his/her presence made if requested.
  3. In the event an individual appointment is requested, staff shall try to meet reasonable requests within the following guidelines:
    1. The staff member contacted by a representative should be sure that the representative has been granted clearance by either the principal or counselor’s office before agreeing to a conference or before allowing the recruiter to contact students.
    2. Most student contacts should be arranged outside the school day. Parents may wish to be involved, and a home meeting should be encouraged.
    3. If a student needs to meet with an outside representative at school, every effort should be made for the meeting to take place before or after school or during the student’s lunch hour. Students may, at the discretion of the supervising staff person, be called from study halls. Students shall not be removed from classroom instruction unless no other alternative is feasible.


Legal References:

20 U.S.C. §7908 - Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 as amended by the No Child Left Behind Act
10 U.S.C. §503 - National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal year 2002
SDCL 13-53-45.- Confidentiality of information - Restrictions
SDCL Ch. 1-27 - Public Records and Files

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Regulation   Board Action (formerly 1250.1)
Approved 01-28-70    
Adopted 01-14-02 30025  
Reviewed 06-08-09 35404  
Amended 04-14-14 36885  
Reviewed 03-11-19 38256