Policies and Regulations NEPN Code: LBC-R

Education Agency Relations
Relations with Nonpublic Schools

Textbook Arrangements for Nonpublic School Students

  • The Federal Programs Coordinator or designee will direct and supervise the textbook arrangements for nonpublic schools.
  • Private schools must maintain on file a class list of students using the books each year.
  • Annual inventories of textbooks will be the responsibility of the private school administration. An inventory list of all books purchased must be on file at the private school for audit purposes.
  • School District policy and regulations on disposition of District property will be followed.
  • All lost books must be reimbursed to the program. Private schools will retain the funds and replace the books. The reordered books must be stamped with the appropriate Sioux Falls School District stamp.
  • Homeschool students may borrow textbooks from public schools. Parents/guardians of homeschool students must complete a textbook loan contract and submit it to the principal of the public school the student would normally attend. Textbook loan contracts are available from the Assistant Superintendent of Administrative Services. All borrowed textbooks are to be returned to the public school at the end of the school year or immediately prior to moving out of the District boundaries, whichever comes first.


Legal References:

SDCL 13-34-16.3 Public school boards to loan books to public or nonpublic school students, or persons not in school
13-34-23 Loan of textbooks

Related Policies/Regulations:

DFF/DFF-R - Sales and Disposal of Surplus Property


Regulation   Board Action (formerly 6160)
Approved 07-13-87 23562  
Revised 10-11-99 29454  
Revised 06-12-06 34446  
Revised 05-23-11 36060  
Reviewed 12-14-15 37346  
Reviewed 06-13-16 37489  
Reviewed 02-08-21 38810