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Education Agency Relations
Relations with Nonpublic Schools

Textbook Arrangements for Nonpublic School Students
It shall be the policy of the School Board to loan textbooks upon written request by a student or the student’s parent or guardian without charge to all persons in the Sioux Falls School District aged five through nineteen who are not enrolled in the Sioux Falls public schools.

Such textbooks shall be non-sectarian and designed for student use. The administration shall determine that textbooks to be loaned are non-sectarian in nature. South Dakota law precludes buying religious textbooks for loan to students. Consumable textbooks for kindergarten through second grade may be loaned under this policy.

The amount of money expended per student in one budget year for purchasing textbooks for loan shall not exceed the annual per-student cost for textbooks purchased for students enrolled in public schools. Annual private school allocations will be adjusted by the per-student increase in the general state aid formula.


Legal References:

SDCL 13-34-16.3 Public school boards to loan books to public or nonpublic school students, or persons not in school
13-34-23 Loan of textbooks

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Policy   Board Action (formerly 6160)
Adopted 07-13-87 23562  
Amended 10-11-99 29454  
Amended 06-12-06 34446  
Reviewed 05-23-11 36060  
Reviewed 12-14-15 37346  
Reviewed 06-13-16 37489  
Reviewed 02-08-21 38810