Policies and Regulations NEPN Code: KLC-R

School/Community/Home Relations
Relations with Social Service Agencies /Investigating Child Abuse

Child Abuse Investigation with Children
Department of Social Services are permitted to interview students out of the presence of the student’s parent/guardian at school without advance notice or consent to investigate suspected child abuse or neglect under the following conditions.

  1. Department of Social Services shall contact the principal or program supervisor and request that an interview time and place be established.
  2. Upon arrival at the school, each Department of Social Services worker shall report to the school office and display proper identification.
  3. The principal or program supervisor or designee shall call the student to the place where the interview is to occur.
  4. The Department of Social Services worker shall conduct the interview. School personnel are not to be present or participate in any manner in the interview.
  5. Parental contact regarding the interview is the responsibility of the Department of Social Services.


Legal References:

SDCL Ch. 26-8A

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Regulation   Board Action (formerly 1414.1)
Approved: 02-13-89 24533U  
Amended: 03-12-90 25296C  
Revised: 05-28-02 33160  
Reviewed: 06-08-09 35403  
Revised: 04-14-14 36883  
Reviewed 03-11-19 38256