Policies and Regulations NEPN Code: KLC

School/Community/Home Relations
Relations with Social Service Agencies/Investigating Child Abuse

The Department of Social Services shall be allowed to interview students out of the presence of the student’s parent/guardian at school without advance notice or consent to investigate suspected cases of child abuse or neglect.

The Superintendent is directed to formulate administrative regulations which will implement this policy.


Legal References:

SDCL CH. 26-8A

Related Policies/Regulations:

JLF – Reporting Child Abuse/Child Protection
JLF-R – Reporting Child Abuse/Child Protection
KLG – Relations with Law Enforcement Authorities
KLG-R – Relations with Law Enforcement Authorities


Policy   Board Action (formerly 1414.1)
Approved: 02-13-89 24533U Sioux Falls School District 49-5
Amended: 03-12-90 25296C Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Amended: 05-28-02 33159  
Reviewed: 06-08-09 35403  
Amended: 04-14-14 36883  
Reviewed 03-11-19 38256