Policies and Regulations NEPN Code: KI

School/Community/Home Relations
Visitors to Schools and on School Grounds

The Sioux Falls School Board and staff of the Sioux Falls School District welcome members of the community and other interested persons to visit our schools. All visitors must follow District policies and building procedures.

Visitors are generally not permitted in classrooms and other instructional areas during school hours. Exceptions may be made for parents/guardians, community resource people, and postsecondary students/personnel. Exceptions may also be made for evaluation purposes if it is determined the independent evaluator’s presence in the classroom is necessary. Requests to visit a classroom shall be granted or denied at the discretion of the Building/Program Administrator. Principals have the right to request a visitor to leave the premises if it is in the best interest of the school and continued safety of the students and/or staff.

Because classrooms and other instructional areas are susceptible to disruption, the Building /Program Administrator may impose conditions on any visitor to these areas. Those conditions may include but are not limited to the following: restricting access to classrooms and areas that are particularly susceptible to disruption; limiting the duration of the visit to particular times or length of time; requiring the visitor to be accompanied by a District administrator or staff member; requiring the visitor to refrain from speaking to students or otherwise disrupt their learning.

Prohibition of Drugs, Alcohol, and Tobacco
The use of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco, and/or carrying any lighted tobacco product, is prohibited on/in District property/facilities. This includes all enclosed indoor areas under the control of the District including work areas, restrooms, conference and classrooms, cafeterias and hallways as well as District grounds, parking areas, sidewalks surrounding buildings, and District-owned vehicles.

Visitors who are observed using tobacco products on District property will be asked to refrain from doing so and/or asked to vacate District property while doing so. Signs will remind visitors of the smoke-free environment policy.

Prohibition of Proselytism or Recruitment
Visitors who represent or act as proponents of a religious, political, or philosophical viewpoint shall be allowed only as invited guests for reasons related to curriculum and provided that such visits are consistent with general school policies regarding visitors.

The visitation privileges shall not include the right to establish a situation whereby visitors shall attempt to influence students as to a particular religious, political, or philosophical viewpoint.

This policy is designed not to interfere with the students’ right to maintain personal relationships or to restrain free speech, but to prohibit visitors from using such visits as a platform for proselytizing religious, political, or philosophical beliefs to students. Visitors must also refrain from any conduct that implies, directly or indirectly, school support for or endorsement of a religious, political, or philosophical message or viewpoint.

The media will have access to all school events to which the public has been invited. Approval from administration is not required to interview, film, or photograph staff or students at public events such as athletic contests, dramatic productions, music concerts, and graduation ceremonies.

Members of the media may enter schools to cover events other than public events, only after receiving approval by district administration and must receive administration approval before interviewing, filming, or photographing staff or students.

There must be a signed release on file before student photographs or videos are taken by media personnel.

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Policy   Board Action (formerly 1250)
Adopted 05-28-68    
Amended 09-28-98    
Amended 01-08-01 29761  
Amended 06-25-07 34762  
Amended 01-09-12 36255  
Reviewed 04-13-15 37178  
Reviewed 05-09-16 37465  
Amended 05-24-21 38883