Policies and Regulations NEPN Code: KGB-R

School/Community/Home Relations
School Business Partnerships

Partnerships play a vital role in providing a quality education for all students.

The Office of Community Relations/Community Education will coordinate and support the School Business Partnership program in the School District by serving as a liaison between school administrators and non-District entities interested in establishing a mutually beneficial relationship.

There are two types of partnerships acknowledged by the District: Adopt-A-School Partnerships and Classroom-to-Career Partnerships.

Adopt-A-School Partnerships
This partnership opportunity pairs a school with a non-District entity that chooses to support students and staff at a pre-determined school. At the building level, the Building/Program Administrator will work with the partner to identify specific needs and plan partnership activities that enhance educational experiences and the learning environment. Such support may include, but is not limited to mentors for students, donations of materials, and/or incentives for school initiatives. When the school does not have an established parent-teacher support group, the non-District entity may fill this role. The Building/Program Administrator may recruit Adopt-A-School Partners on their own accord; however, the he/she shall inform the Office of Community Relations/Community Education for purposes of record keeping and recognition.

Workforce Development Partnerships
The Workforce Development Partner commits to a long-term, shared responsibility to train and develop a highly skilled workforce. Strong emphasis will be placed on partnerships that support the District’s curriculum standards, expand career knowledge and provide relevant, hands-on workforce development opportunities for students. Partnerships may include classroom presentations, worksite tours, apprenticeships, internships, or other on-the-job training. Partnerships should foster in students critical-thinking, problem-solving, self-expression, civic awareness and further develop knowledge and competency in the core content areas of reading, math, history, science and/or the arts. Classroom-to-Career Partnerships are driven by curriculum and are established at the discretion of the Assistant Superintendent of Academic Instruction and may result in a separate contract for services.


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Regulation   Board Action (formerly 1241)
Approved 04-23-90 25380  
Amended 12-11-95 28343  
Reviewed 02-25-02 30087  
Revised 06-08-09 35402  
Revised 04-14-14 36885  
Revised 04-08-19 38282