Policies and Regulations NEPN Code: KEB

School/Community/Home Relations
Public Concerns/Complaints about Personnel

All employees have the responsibility to act in a professional manner when dealing with students, parents, other staff members and community members while representing the School District. Constructive criticism is welcomed to improve the quality of the educational program of the District.

Concerns and complaints about professionalism or the job performance of employees need to be handled with care and discretion. The District has the obligation to ensure that the behavior and conduct of employees is acceptable and conducive to learning. Concerns and complaints cannot be ignored. Due process rights of employees also need to be upheld. Specific personnel evaluations or disciplinary actions will not be disclosed.

The administration shall establish regulations for processing public complaints regarding personnel. If a complaint is brought directly to the School Board or an individual Board member, it shall be referred to the Superintendent. The Superintendent shall process the complaint according to regulation KEB-R.


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Policy   Board Action (formerly 1312)
Adopted 05-23-68    
Amended 04-12-76    
Amended 04-08-91 26048C  
Amended 10-27-97 28911  
Amended 01-09-06 34305  
Reviewed 10-25-10 35864  
Reviewed 10-13-14 37024  
Reviewed 04-13-15 37178  
Reviewed 06-10-19 38335