Policies and Regulations NEPN Code: KE

School/Community/Home Relations
Public Concerns and Complaints

Persons wishing to submit official complaints or concerns relating to the School District, its policies, personnel, programs, or instructional materials should begin at the level closest to the source of the complaint. If a complaint or concern is not resolved initially, it may be referred to the next level in accordance with the appropriate District policy (See Related Policies/Regulations listed below). If applicable, appeals to the Superintendent must be presented in writing within ten (10) calendar days of the lower-level decision. After receiving an appeal, the Superintendent will investigate the matter and respond in writing to the complainant within fourteen (14) calendar days.

If the Superintendent is unable to satisfy the complainant, and if applicable in accordance with the appropriate District policy, the case may be appealed to the School Board. Any appeal of the Superintendent’s ruling must be presented in writing to the Superintendent within seven (7) calendar days of his/her decision. The Superintendent will present the appeal to the Board in accordance with Policy BDD. The Board will consider the appeal at the next regular Board meeting, provided the written appeal is received by 5:00 pm three working days prior to the meeting. The Board will dispose of the matter according to its best judgment.


Related Policies/Regulations:

BDD – Board/Superintendent Relationship
KEA – Public Concerns/Complaints about Policies
KEB/KEB-R – Public Concerns/Complaints about Personnel
KEC/KEC-R – Concerns about Programs or Instructional Materials


Policy   Board Action
Adopted 01-09-06 34305
Amended 09-10-07 34832
Reviewed 10-25-10 35864
Reviewed 11-10-14 37049
Amended 05-11-20 38590