Policies and Regulations NEPN Code: KDA-R

School/Community/Home Relations
Public Information/School Communications Program

KLRN Television – Sioux Falls’ Classroom Connection (“KLRN-TV”)

The mission of KLRN-TV is to provide quality cable television content that reflects a positive, accurate, professional image of Sioux Falls School District staff and students.

Eligible Programming and Program Content
All use of KLRN-TV will be in a responsible, safe, ethical, and legal manner as pursuant to the policies of the District.

Modes of Cablecast

Live Cablecast: Live coverage, principally of Sioux Falls School Board meetings and other selected public meetings, athletics, and fine arts events of general community interest.

Tape-delayed Cablecast: School meeting replays and/or events, which are produced in advance for cablecast at a later period.

Production Programming: Programs produced by the District or a contracted third party. These programs include, but are not limited to, programs for individual schools, departments, issues related to school policies, or committees/boards, etc. that are affiliated with the District or which use public dollars. These programs could be either live or tape-delayed cablecasts.

Information Service: On-screen information about the District that operates during the period when other programs are not scheduled. Local non-profit organizations may request that announcements be included.

Outside-originated Programming: Programs related to local, state, or federal education issues, which are produced by an outside source that can be purchased, rented, or borrowed for cablecast. Programs disseminated through satellite downlinks that are related to local, state, or federal education issues may also be cablecast.

Access Policy
Access to KLRN-TV is limited to District departments and administration. The facility and District-purchased equipment is not intended for general public use and is not a public access channel.

All meetings of the Board are authorized for cablecast.

Requests for access to the facilities and District-purchased equipment by persons other than school officials or administrators shall be reviewed for appropriateness by the Community Relations Department or a designee.

Billboard information messages may be submitted by any District school or department or local non-profit entities, which further the mission of the District. Messages submitted shall be cablecast at the discretion of the Community Relations Department or a designee. Information provided may be edited where necessary by Community Relations staff to maximize the impact, clarity, and effectiveness of the message. No paid commercial space shall be allowed.

Programs that meet the legal definition of obscenity, or which are defamatory, or which promote commercial or profit-making services, products, or businesses are prohibited.

Editing Policy
Community Relations shall be responsible for the editing of all programming on KLRN-TV subject to the following:

Any Board meeting cablecast, whether live or on videotape, shall be aired in its entirety, “gavel to gavel,” without editorial comment. Exceptions to this policy may occur only when editing out possible recesses, to comply with legal standards of decency, or when technical difficulties restrict production procedures.

Cablecast commercialism is discouraged. Information concerning businesses will be broadcast in the context of school/business partnerships and/or activities.

KRLN-TV is authorized to accept third party endowments to fund programs in full or in part. Underwriting credits acknowledge the funder’s contribution but should not create the perception of a commercial connection between the program and the underwriter and its products or services. No underwriting shall be accepted from any organization whose primary source of revenue is the sale of products or services not legal for purchase by minors; contain vulgar and plainly offensive, obscene, or sexually explicit language; advocate the violation of law or District policy; advance any religious or political organization; promote, favor, or oppose a candidate for elected office or a ballot measure; be associated with any company or individual whose actions are inconsistent with the District’s mission and goals, or otherwise be in violation of the law.

Elections or Ballot Issues
The facilities and resources of KLRN-TV shall not be used for any advertisements on behalf of a Board or political candidate. Note: This does not preclude forums that allow the opportunity for all candidates to appear or proponents and opponents of an issue to be represented; e.g. League of Women Voters sponsored debates.

Furthermore, any advocacy on behalf of or against a political candidate or ballot measure is prohibited, EXCEPT THAT this shall not preclude factual presentations of official District ballot materials.

Any advocacy on behalf of or opposing any measure by the District or under consideration by the Board is prohibited.

Any promotional material for commercial products or services presented for the purpose of soliciting funds or other things of value is prohibited.

KLRN-TV, the District, their administrators, employees, and agents do not warrant the accuracy of any information cablecast over Cable Channel 20.

Program Scheduling

New Program Requests. All requests for new programming must be submitted to the Community Relations Department.

Program Priorities. Airtime priorities - shall be as follows:

    1. 1. School Board Meetings. Regular Board meetings, special meetings, etc.
    2. 2. District Hosted Programs. Footnotes, Positive Parenting, School Zone, and other locally produced programs.
    3. 3. Programs Produced by Like-Minded Organizations which further the mission of the District, e.g., public service announcements relating to children, young adults, health, safety, and school-related messages.
    4. 4. Information regarding school events.
    5. 5. Information regarding school-affiliated organizations.

Management Rights

Management of Educational Channel. All management and programming shall be provided by the District’s Community Relations Department.

Use of Equipment. School-owned video equipment shall be restricted to authorized school activities, and its use shall be restricted to employees of the Community Relations Department or trained personnel under the direction of Community Relations staff. Loan of equipment for personal use or outside use shall not be permitted.

Retention and Ownership of Original KLRN-TV Programming. All original -programming produced by and/or for the District shall be the property of the District. The District shall retain original programs, meetings, and events for up to three years from the date of broadcast. At the end of that time, the tapes may be reused and the original material erased, at the discretion of Community Relations employees.

KLRN-TV productions shall not be considered an official record of any meeting and there shall be no liability for inadvertent erasure or omissions.

Requests for retention longer than three years should be made in advance of the expiration date to the Community Relations Department.

School produced programs may be made available to other stations or channels for newscasts.

Copies of Board Meetings or other original programming may be purchased at the fee identified for each event.

Programs containing copyrighted materials will be used only if copyright clearance has been obtained.

Decision-Making, Oversight, Complaints Review
The Supervisor of Community Relations, or designee, is responsible for the production, acquisition, scheduling, and cablecasting of programs and for operating the channel facilities.


Policy   Board Action (formerly 1100)
Adopted 11-14-05 34261  
Revised 04-26-10 35685  
Reviewed 11-10-14 37049  
Reviewed 05-11-20 38590