Policies and Regulations NEPN Code: IMDB

Flag Displays and Patriotic Activities

The American Flag will be flown from the mast at each school every day that school is in session except when weather conditions are severe enough to damage the flag. The flag is customarily displayed from sunrise to sunset, but it is not illegal to fly the flag 24 hours a day. When flown at night, the flag must be spotlighted.

The principal is responsible for flying the flag on school days. A small flag and standard is furnished for each classroom and must be unfurled and in evidence each school day.

The Pledge of Allegiance will be performed each day in Sioux Falls School District classrooms. In high schools, the Pledge of Allegiance, Presentation of Colors or another patriotic activity will be performed at each assembly of the entire student body.

Commemoration of patriotic days and events shall be a valuable part of the instructional program of the school.


Legal References:

U.S. Code
Title 4, Chapter 1 The Flag

Public Law
94-344 Federal Flag Code

13-24-17 Flagpole required - display of flag.
13-24-17.2 Right to post flag, recite pledge of allegiance and sing national anthem not to be infringed.
22-9-1 Desecration of flag.


Policy   Board Action (formerly 6115)
Adopted: 05-28-68    
Amended: 06-14-76    
Amended: 03-11-02 33101  
Reviewed: 02-23-09 35303  
Amended: 11-12-13 36766  
Amended: 11-25-13 36781  
Amended: 04-14-14 36885  
Amended: 07-09-18 38082
Reviewed 06-10-19 38336