Policies and Regulations NEPN Code: IKF

Graduation Requirements

The awarding of a high school diploma assures that students have completed the minimum units of credit required in grades 9-12 in accordance with the statutes and administrative rules of South Dakota.

A student whose previous high school enrollment has been entirely in non-accredited schools or in alternative instruction may receive a high school diploma from the Sioux Falls School District only if that student has met all graduation requirements of the District as determined by Policy JG – “Transfers from Non-Accredited Schools” and has been enrolled as a full-time student in a District high school for the full senior year.

Credit by Exam
Courses will be identified for which students may receive credit by exam. This enables students to demonstrate mastery of the course objectives and receive credit.

Advanced Placement Scholar Diploma
The Sioux Falls School District has established an Advanced Placement Scholar Diploma to enhance the importance of advanced placement courses and exams and to recognize students who have excelled in these courses. All students who meet the established criteria will be honored with this diploma.

Graduation - Special Education Students
The School Board is committed to all students taking courses that challenge their individual skills. It also recognizes the District’s responsibility to provide a free appropriate public education to each student with disabilities based on their individual needs.


Legal References:

13-27-3 Child excused if provided alternative instruction
13-33-19 Recommended high school program and basic high school program

24:43:08:12 Adding waived course credits to high school transcripts
24:43:11:01 Number of required credits for graduation from high school - personal learning plan required
24:43:11:02 Specific units of credit required for high school graduation
24:43:11:04 Specific units of credit required for high school graduation - Standard high school program
24:43:11:07 Required high school unit offerings
24:43:11:09 Course equivalency exam

Related Policies/Regulations:

IKA/IKA-R – Grading/Recovery System
JG – Transfers from Non-Accredited Schools


Policy   Board Action (formerly 5127)
Adopted: 05-28-68    
Amended: 12-11-89 25127J  
Amended: 11-25-96 28662  
Amended: 04-13-98 29031  
Amended: 09-10-01 29943  
Amended: 03-10-03 33466  
Amended: 03-14-05 34058  
Reviewed: 05-08-06 34412  
Amended: 03-24-08 35002  
Reviewed: 11-23-09 35554  
Reviewed: 08-12-13 36694  
Reviewed: 10-12-15 37307  
Reviewed: 11-14-16 37631  
Amended 10-08-18 38137