Policies and Regulations NEPN Code: IKC-R

Calculation of Grade Point Average (GPA) & Class Rank

Computation of Non-weighted Grade Point Average

  1. All approved high school courses for which letter grades are awarded shall be used to calculate a student’s grade point average (GPA). This will include courses that are retaken. If a student retakes/duplicates a course offering the higher and only the higher of the two grades will be applied to the student’s GPA and credit calculations. Both grades, the original and retaken course, will remain on the student’s transcript. Pass/fail and credit/no-credit courses shall not be used in calculating GPA.
  2. The non-weighted GPA shall be computed by taking the final grade of each course at the time credit is awarded and multiplying the amount of credit by the grade point equivalent. Grade point equivalents are:
    A = 4
    B = 3
    C = 2
    D = 1
    F = 0
  3. The scores are added and divided by the total number of credits to compute the non-weighted GPA.

Calculation of Weighted GPA

  1. Students shall receive bonus points added to their non-weighted GPA for all Advanced Placement and Project Lead the Way courses that they complete with a semester grade of C or better.
  2. In order to receive bonus points for a yearlong course, students must complete both semesters of an Advanced Placement course or Project Lead the Way course. Students in a yearlong AP course or Project Lead the Way course will lose the first semester bonus points if they do not complete the second semester of the course.
  3. GPA bonus points shall be calculated as follows for a full year course:

    Grade Bonus Points
    A .045
    B .0225
    C .015
    D No bonus points

Calculation of Class Rank for Non-weighted and Weighted GPA’s
There will be two class rankings for each student. One will represent the student’s standing under a non-weighted GPA. The other will show class rank under a weighted GPA. Class ranks will be calculated at the end of each semester for which credit is awarded. The process as described below shall be used for both GPA ranks:

  1. The non-weighted GPA’s and the weighted GPA’s for all students will each be sorted from the highest GPA to the lowest. Ranks will be assigned in numeric order and be followed by the total number of students in the class, i.e. 6/423.
  2. If two or more students have the same GPA, they will carry the same rank. The rank of the GPA following a GPA that had two or more students achieving it will be the previous numerical rank plus the number of students achieving that rank. An example is provided below:

    Non-weighted GPA Number of Students Achieving Rank
    4.0 2 1/423
    3.97 1 3/423
    3.76 2 4/423
    3.74 1 6/423


Regulation   Board Action (formerly 5128)
Approved: 12-14-87 23816 (Class Rankings/Grade Point Averages)
Revised: 02-12-01 29778  
Revised: 09-08-03 33633  
Revised: 12-13-04 33981  
Revised: 10-10-05 34227  
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Reviewed: 09-10-18 38118