Policies and Regulations NEPN Code: IKC

Calculation of Grade Point Average (GPA) & Class Rank

It is recognized that there may be occasions when rank in class is beneficial to a student for college entrance requirements, scholarships and job applications. The student’s rank in class shall be based upon placement within his or her graduating class based on the grade point average (GPA) scale. Therefore, class rank shall be computed at the end of each semester for each enrolled student. The class rank is based upon approved high school courses printed on the high school transcript. This shall include Building Principal/Program Administrator approved dually earned credits at institutions of higher education or post-secondary technical institutes.

A student's class rank shall be submitted to any institution, foundation or prospective employer only at the request and with the consent of the eligible student.

Weighted Ranking/GPA
The District will maintain for each high school student a non-weighted GPA with corresponding class rank and a weighted GPA with corresponding class rank.

Bonus points for AP courses and Project Lead the Way courses will be added to a student’s GPA after the GPA has been calculated using a non-weighted system. Both weighted and non-weighted GPA and corresponding class ranking, along with the date of calculation, will be printed on student transcripts and end of semester report cards.


Policy   Board Action (formerly 5128)
Adopted: 12-14-87 23816  
Amended: 03-12-01 29800  
Amended: 09-08-03 33633  
Amended: 12-13-04 33981  
Reviewed: 10-10-05 34227  
Amended: 04-23-07 34711  
Amended: 04-09-12 36337  
Reviewed: 03-13-17 37714  
Reviewed: 09-10-18 38118