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Grading/Recovery System

The Sioux Falls School Board believes that evaluating and reporting of student achievement are ways by which schools and students account to parents/guardians and the community for the effectiveness of the educational experiences. Evaluation must be based on reasonable and clearly understood standards of student performance. Students need to be actively involved in evaluating their learning. If evaluating and reporting are to be valid, useful, and constructive, the evaluation process must be fair, as objective as possible, and understandable to students and their parents/guardians. Reporting of student achievement must honestly and realistically convey the strengths and weaknesses of student performance.

Since students respond more positively to opportunities for success than to the threat of failure, the evaluation system should be a positive influence on students’ education. It should provide multiple opportunities for students to demonstrate success. The Sioux Falls School District also should provide opportunities which encourage and permit students to make up past deficiencies in performance.

In order to implement this philosophy, administrative guidelines will be developed to assure that the following criteria are incorporated into the District’s grading procedures/regulations.

The student academic performance reporting system should

  • Be multifaceted, not relying on any one form of communication and should be both regularly scheduled and spontaneous, including such things as conferences, report cards, progress reports, telephone calls, and notes.
  • Permit the individual student to maintain dignity even when academic weaknesses are being presented.
  • Be based upon performance of learning standards.
  • Be based upon multiple factors such as exams, quizzes, homework, performance in activities, supplemental work, make-up work, projects, and reports.
  • Inform parents/guardians through both formal and informal ways when a student’s work and performance become unsatisfactory or show marked or sudden decline.
  • Notify parents/guardians formally or informally with information when a student is performing well.


Policy   Board Action
Adopted: 03-24-97 28742
Reviewed: 11-08-04 33960
Amended: 11-14-05 34260
Reviewed: 09-24-07 34847
Reviewed: 10-12-09 35520
Reviewed: 08-09-10 35791
Reviewed: 08-12-13 36694