Policies and Regulations NEPN Code: IJOC-R

School Volunteers

Any person who works without pay on a regular or occasional basis for the Sioux Falls School District at school sites or other educational facilities within the District shall be considered a volunteer and subject to the following regulations.

Parents or legal guardians who occasionally visit their child’s classroom, eat lunch at school with their child, and do not assist in instruction or independent supervision of other students, are not considered volunteers under this Policy.


Supervised Volunteers:

Individuals who work without pay on a regular basis or for one time events or activities for/at a school.

Volunteers and mentors who work with a student(s) with direct supervision of District staff.

Unsupervised Volunteers:

Volunteers and mentors who work with a student(s) without direct supervision of District staff, on or off school grounds, volunteers who act as drivers, and volunteers who act as overnight student trip chaperones.

Annual Registration
All volunteers (inclusive of students 16 years of age and above, college practicum students, student teachers, interns, mentors, parents, and other community members) must fill out the applicable volunteer registration form(s) each school year.

Background Checks
Supervised Volunteers

The building principal or designee will check the names of supervised volunteers against the Sex Offender Registry.
After the building principal or designee has checked the names of supervised volunteers against the Sex Offender Registry and has approved the volunteer(s) to work at the building/location, the volunteers’ names are submitted to the Human Resources Department on the Sioux Falls School District Report of Volunteer Workers Form.

Unsupervised Volunteers

A criminal background investigation will be conducted by the Human Resources Department. Unsupervised volunteers will be required to complete the Disclosure and Release of Information Authorization for Unsupervised Volunteers Form each school year.
In determining whether a person is approved as an unsupervised volunteer, the information revealed in a criminal background check will be considered according to the following factors:

  • The type of incident revealed.
  • The applicant’s efforts and success at rehabilitation.
  • The likelihood that the incident would prevent the individual from performing his or her duties consistent with the safety and welfare of students.
  • Circumstances surrounding the incident.
  • The amount of time elapsed since the incident occurred.
  • The applicant’s honest disclosure of information about the incident.
  • The nature, severity, number, and consequences of the involved incidents.

Unsupervised volunteer drivers are also required to complete the Sioux Falls School District Activity Driver Certification Form.

Mentors in school mentoring programs must follow procedures established for the respective program.

Lutheran Social Services and the Teammates Mentoring programs are responsible for conducting the criminal background checks for mentors in its school-based mentoring programs. Background check results containing criminal history must be provided to the Human Resources Department for review and approval prior to a mentor having contact with a student.

Practicum Student/Volunteers and Student Teachers/Interns
Higher Education officials are responsible for checking the names of all practicum student volunteers against the Sex Offender Registry and for ensuring practicum students complete the Practicum Student/Volunteer Registration Form. The building principal or designee must list the practicum students and student teachers/interns on the Sioux Falls School District Report of Volunteer Workers Form and send the form to the Human Resources Department.

Student teachers and interns must undergo South Dakota and FBI criminal background check in accordance with state law.

The Senior Director of Human Resources approves the submitted list of volunteers and forwards the list for approval by the School Board.

Following School Board approval, names of volunteers are entered in the School Board minutes in accordance with SDCL 62-1-5.1.


Legal Reference:

SDCL 62-1-5.1 Volunteers serving state or political subdivision without pay


Regulation   Board Action
Approved 02-28-05 34048
Revised 12-14-09 35572
Revised 02-13-12 36280
Reviewed 08-24-15 37275
Reviewed 06-13-16 37489
Revised 05-24-21 38883