Policies and Regulations NEPN Code: IJNDB-R

Virtual/Online Courses

Virtual course – an internet-based or distance education course in which the instructor is not an employee of the District.

Online course – an internet or computer-based course monitored and assisted by an employee of the District.

All virtual/online education programs and courses will be consistent with District instructional goals and aligned with South Dakota’s academic standards, curriculum frameworks and assessments, and approved by the South Dakota Department of Education. The administration is directed to periodically review virtual/online courses to ensure they meet curriculum standards.

Student Application for Virtual/Online High School Courses
Students applying for permission to take a virtual/online course will do the following:

  • Complete prerequisites and meet with the high school counselor to confirm that the student possesses the skills, knowledge, and motivation needed to be successful in an online learning environment.
  • Obtain the written approval of the Principal or his/her designee before enrolling in a virtual/online course.
  • Adhere to the District code of conduct to include rules of behavior and consequences for violations.

Credit for Virtual/Online Coursework
High school students may earn academic credit toward graduation requirements by completing virtual/online courses approved by the South Dakota State Board of Education. Students taking such courses must be enrolled in the District.

Middle school students may complete courses through the virtual/online environment that have been approved by the South Dakota State Board of Education. Middle school students may earn academic credit toward high school graduation requirements provided the District has obtained a valid waiver from the South Dakota Department of Education for such course(s).

Students enrolling in a .5 credit online course will have five (5) months from the official start date of the course to complete the course.

Awarding Credit for Virtual/Online Coursework
The school must receive an official record of the final grade before awarding credit toward graduation. Only approved courses shall be recorded on student transcripts.

Credit for virtual/online coursework that a student completes prior to enrollment in the Sioux Falls School District will be transferred subject to the following conditions:

  • Virtual or online credit granted by another accredited high school will be approved and added to the student’s transcript.
  • Virtual or online credit completed in a non-accredited school or home school setting will be subject to the credit transfer process outlined in School Board Policy JG and Regulation JG-R.

Costs for Virtual/Online Coursework:
Students will not be charged for any District provided online course that is a part of the student’s course load taken during the regular school day. Students will be charged at a rate established annually by the Board for any District online coursework taken outside of the student’s regular school day or during a summer school session. Home schooled students may enroll in the District and take up to two online courses through the assigned attendance center. Home schooled students may enroll in the District and take virtual courses at home through the South Dakota Virtual School. The cost of the courses available via the South Dakota Virtual School, or other approved virtual schools, will be the sole responsibility of the student.


Related Policies/Regulations:

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Regulation   Board Action
Approved: 01-08-07 34616
Revised: 12-08-08 35234
Revised: 02-13-12 36280
Reviewed: 03-13-17 37714