Policies and Regulations NEPN Code: IJNC-R

School Library Resource Centers

School libraries are integral to the learning process, providing both physical and intellectual access to resources in a variety of formats and locations. In addition to traditional print and audiovisual materials, the library collection should include a wide range of electronic resources that are available throughout the school and, whenever possible, in student and staff homes. Professional librarians will collaborate with teaching staff to design learning activities that incorporate a variety of resources to assure that students are able to independently use ideas and information. Requirements for achieving maximum educational benefit from effective library service include:

  1. Full-time librarians who work with teachers to incorporate a variety of information resources into the curriculum and to develop in each student the ability to select, retrieve, analyze, evaluate, synthesize, create, and communicate ideas and thoughts.
  2. Clerical support to perform routine tasks so that the library collection is accessible and given adequate care to prolong the useful life of materials.
  3. Maximum access for students to the library and its resources.
  4. Regular budgetary support to assure that the school collections are current and provide appropriate resources to meet diverse learning styles, levels of difficulty, changing curriculum, and student interests.
  5. Membership in and connections to regional organizations and networks to facilitate resource sharing and cooperative purchases.
  6. Support for ongoing professional development for librarians to enable them to keep up with changing information technology and resources.
  7. Policies and procedures that encourage and promote student and staff use of information resources.

Challenged Materials
Individuals expressing concern about resources available through the school library resource center should be directed to the process outlined in Policy/Regulation KEC/KEC-R.


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Regulation   Board Action (formerly 6163.1(a))
Approved: 05-28-68 13052  
Amended: 06-14-76 16708  
Amended: 03-13-78 17150  
Revised: 10-26-98 28193  
Revised: 03-11-02 33101  
Revised: 11-24-08 35223  
Revised: 12-12-11 36237  
Reviewed: 01-09-17 37667