Policies and Regulations NEPN Code: IHD

Adult/Community Education

Community Education
The Sioux Falls School Board recognizes that the public schools should be centers of lifelong learning. To this end, the Office of Community Relations/Community Education shall provide positive experiences and learning opportunities that improve community life and the lives of individuals.

School facilities will be made available to provide these services. Administrative and program costs are covered by participant fees, which are set by the Office of Community Relations/Community Education.


Policy   Board Action (formerly 1700)
Adopted: 05-26-66    
Amended: 03-12-73    
Amended: 04-12-76    
Amended: 05-13-96 28482  
Reviewed: 04-11-05 34080  
Revised: 09-28-09 35503  
Amended: 04-14-14 36885  
Reviewed 12-10-18 38195