Policies and Regulations NEPN Code: IHBF

General Education Homebound Services

General Education Homebound Services may be provided to any enrolled students who are capable of benefiting from academic instruction but due to a temporary medical condition (unrelated to any disability or substantially limiting health condition), whether chronic or acute, are confined to their home and/or a hospital for 20 consecutive school days, or an intermittent pattern of absences over a period of time totaling 20 school days in a school year for the same health condition.

A parent/guardian must complete an application for General Education Homebound Education Services which requires information and a certification from a medical provider. The Application must be submitted to the building principal/supervisor. The building principal/supervisor will submit the application to the health services supervisor.

In-person services will not be provided in cases where the condition of the student might endanger the health or safety of the teaching staff.

Services are provided in an effort to minimize the impact of a student’s absences due to a verified medical condition and is not meant to replace the instruction a student receives in the regular school setting.

Services may be provided in person or virtual. Services/instruction will be provided on days of student attendance in accordance with the school calendar. Services/instruction will be provided in the home or hospital. An adult in addition to the District instructor must be present during instruction.

Instruction will be provided in core courses provided in the regular school session. Materials used will be consistent with those provided in the student’s home attendance center. Elementary students will receive two (2) hours of instruction per week and secondary students will receive four (4) hours of instruction per week. No more than one (1) hour of instruction should be given per day.

A record of instruction, signed by the adult present during the instruction, shall be kept by the teaching staff and reports provided to building principal/supervisor on a monthly basis and at the conclusion of services. The building principal/supervisor will submit the reports to the health services supervisor.

Absences and Attendance
Students will be retained on the attendance register of the school in which they were enrolled at the time homebound education services begin and will be recorded as Homebound Instruction (HBD). After three cancellations or no shows, or if a parent/guardian or student fails to comply with the homebound education services, all further absences will be considered unexcused and the right to further homebound education services may be forfeited.


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Policy   Board Action
Adopted 09-08-14 36702
Reviewed 02-10-20 38517
Amended 09-28-20 38704