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Curriculum Development, Adoption, and Review

The Sioux Falls School District instructional program is continuously evolving. As student and societal needs change, the three cornerstones of instruction--curriculum, assessment, and staff development--must adapt to accommodate the changes. None of the three cornerstones can be discussed in isolation. All three are critical to an effective instructional program, grounded in the belief that what is written, is taught, is tested.

The goal is to develop a well-coordinated instructional program based on professional, state and district standards with clear learning objectives in all skill and content areas and at all grade levels. District curriculum study committees, comprised of a K-12 Steering Committee and instructional level subcommittees are an important part of the curriculum development process, focusing on a curriculum designed to meet the needs of the learner in the 21st century.

The School Board directs the Superintendent to develop and implement an adoption process that will result in the selection and adoption of high quality curriculum and instructional materials that will be both challenging and engaging for students. The Board believes the selection of instructional materials normally should be part of the regular curriculum review cycle.

The goal is to provide a balanced assessment program for monitoring student learning in relation to the written District curriculum. The data is collected from a variety of assessment tools for the purpose of guiding classroom instruction and improving student achievement.

Staff Development
The goal is to provide professional growth opportunities that address both the science and the art of effective teaching. The staff development program fosters the development of knowledge and skills supported by research and designed to meet the needs of diverse groups of students.

Curriculum Council
The Curriculum Council reviews K-12 assessment data, recommends curriculum changes, and oversees K-12 curriculum alignment. The Council evaluates all proposals for curriculum change and makes recommendations to the Superintendent. The Council is comprised of community members, parents/guardians, and various levels of school personnel.


Legal References:

13-3-48 Academic Content Standards

Related Policies/Regulations:

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Policy   Board Action
Adopted 11-12-96 28653
Amended 04-10-06 34394
Amended 05-09-11 36050
Reviewed 03-12-12 36313
Reviewed 10-12-15 37306
Reviewed 04-13-20 38569
Reviewed 05-24-21 38883