Policies and Regulations NEPN Code: GCS

Professional Research and Publishing

Copyright/Work for Hire
The District shall own all copyright and other proprietary rights to all instructional materials, training materials, curriculum and lesson plans, and any other materials developed by an employee while working for or supervised by the District for use in performing the services required by the employee’s position with the District.

No employee may receive royalties on books, computer software, or other materials authored by the employee not covered by the above which are purchased by the School District during the person’s tenure with the District.

Employees may not render any commercial service to the District on a commission basis.


Legal Reference:

13-20-2.1 - Interest of school district officer or employee in sale of school equipment as misdemeanor


Policy   Board Action
Adopted: 05-28-68  
Amended: 04-12-76  
Amended: 09-28-92 (In master contract. In 1995 removed from contract, put back in policy books)
Amended: 04-10-02 33117
Reviewed: 08-25-08 35139
Amended: 06-11-12 36389
reviewed: 03-13-17 37714