Policies and Regulations NEPN Code: GBGB

Staff Personal Security and Safety

Employees' Personal Property
The School Board shall provide reimbursement for personal property of any employee of the Sioux Falls School District if such property is stolen or destroyed by assault, theft, vandalism, riot or fire on the school premises or at any official function of the school. Reimbursement will be provided, however, only if proper security measures have been taken by the owner to discourage theft or vandalism and if said property was of instructional value in the classroom or was damaged in the process of controlling discipline.

Any personal property being used in the instructional program of the school must be registered with the principal when brought to the school for said instructional purposes and no claim for reimbursement shall be paid on unregistered property.

No claim will be considered in an amount less than five dollars ($5.00), and in no event shall the liability assumed by the District exceed $800.00 on any one occurrence per claimant. No claim shall be paid by the District unless the loss is not covered by valid and collectible insurance.


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Policy   Board Action (formerly 4156)
Approved: 07-13-70 13793  
Amended: 07-09-79 18395  
Amended: 09-27-93 27432.3f  
Reviewed: 08-26-02 33315.C13  
Reviewed: 08-25-08 35138  
Reviewed: 11-14-11 36215  
Reviewed: 01-09-17 37667