Policies and Regulations NEPN Code: GBGA


Staff Health - Communicable Disease Control
The School Board recognizes its responsibility to provide a healthy environment for students and school employees. The purpose of a communicable disease policy is to eliminate or minimize employee occupational exposure to blood and other disease transmitting sources.
The exposure control plan shall include universal precautions, routine hand washing, containers for sharps, disposal of contaminated materials, work area restrictions, routine decontamination of equipment and work areas, personal protective equipment, laundry procedures and employee training. A Hepatitis B vaccination program and post exposure procedure shall be implemented.
Communicable disease reporting and exclusion from work of personnel whose attendance at work presents a significant risk to the staff member, other staff members or students shall be part of this policy.
Staff Medication Use
“Medication” All properly prescribed medications, all over-the-counter (non-prescribed medications) and all chemical/homeopathic substances and compounds, including but not limited to natural remedies, herbs and vitamins, which purport to aid in a person’s health or wellbeing or to treat illness or disease.
Staff are permitted to self-administer medication in school or while involved in a school activity only when the staff member’s health and continuing attendance so requires and when the medication is administered in accordance with this policy. If a staff member requires medication while at work, the staff member should bring only enough doses for one day and should keep medication secured away from students at all times. Staff are required to comply with all provisions of GBEC/GBEC-R Drug Free Work Place, including the prohibition on unlawful possession of controlled substances.
Staff health concerns or accommodations beyond basic medication self-administration should be referred to human resources for a determination of medically necessary workplace accommodations.
Related Polices
GBEC/GBEC-R Drug Free Work Place


Policy   Board Action (formerly 4136)
Adopted: 06-09-86 22820  
Amended: 09-27-93 27432.3f  
Amended: 07-22-96 28559  
Reviewed: 02-28-05 34044  
Reviewed: 11-23-09 35553  
Reviewed: 12-09-13 36799  
Amended 01-14-19 38210