Policies and Regulations NEPN Code: GBECB

Alcohol-Free Work Place

The Sioux Falls School District requires an alcohol-free learning and working environment.

The unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensation, possession, or use of alcohol in the work place is prohibited.

As a condition of employment with the District, all employees are required to comply with this policy.

The District supports rehabilitation of employees with alcohol problems except in those circumstances where alcohol use has created or could create the risk of injury or death to other employees or to students. Employees may use benefits and leave for which they regularly qualify, in order to meet rehabilitation needs except in the cases governed by Regulation GBECA-R.

Employees in safety sensitive positions, or positions in which driving is an essential function of the position, must notify the Human Resources Department in writing no later than the start of the next work day of any arrest for an alcohol-related moving violation.

Discipline will be imposed for violations of this policy which may include a reprimand, suspension, or termination in accordance with the respective working agreement as well as a referral for prosecution, if appropriate.

This policy and its regulation will be reviewed with every new employee. Annually thereafter, employees will receive an overview, along with instructions to access the full policy and regulation on the District website, and will sign an acknowledgment form indicating they have received the information.


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Policy   Board Action (formerly 4134)
Adopted 02-14-11 35969  
Reviewed 02-08-16 37390  
Reviewed 04-12-21 38858